Less than Container Load

Less than Container Load

If your goods are not enough for a full container load you can also use our ability for a LCL. You are then not required to wait until you can have a full container ready to be shipped.

If your package is not big enough to fill a container (LCL), then we can offer consolidation with other shipments. This means that your shipment will be combined with other shipments with the same destination, so you don’t have to pay for a private container.

We can also pick up your shipment and store it in our own warehouse until its ready to be shipped. Of course additional fees apply for this storage.

We also provide LCL shipments to and from other destinations worldwide. These LCL containers are carefully planned and loaded by an agent in our network. Through these agents we ensure you that the load is handled by approved and reliable carriers

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Want to send your packages?

Packages can be brought to our office Monday to Friday from 9:30AM to 5:30PM. We request identification when receiving goods so that we can confidently process your order. Would you like to register your shipment online? Fill in this form to provide us with the necessary information.